Yes, I Was Raised by a MAGman. Musings of a Daddy’s GRRRL

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens really were some of my favorite things in childhood as I was sold on the persona of fairytales and Cinderella by my daddy. He was a MAGman from the beginning and I was his little grrrl. He would sit in his chair and read me wonderful stories filled with hope and possibility… I believed every word. Little did I know how much reprograming it would cause later in life… but back then… he planted the seeds of value.

Alpha Woman

My daddy loved his family, his art and the “gift of gab.” He and mom raised four kids… sent us all to college… and buried one too soon. He taught me to draw and gave me a love for the possibility of life.  He took me to art shows and expanded my horizons. On my wedding day as he walked me down the aisle, we laughed and talked as if no one else was in the room. He was a MAGman from the beginning, and I was his little grrrl.

He was a lithographer by trade and worked at Western Publishing Company. But he started out as a janitor grinding the third-shift. He would get his work done early so he could talk about art and drawing with a guy he met in the print shop. Now… my dad was an engaging talker… and he never met a stranger that he didn’t know. In six-months he talked himself into a lithography apprenticeship… which was his big break. He created a job and gave himself a promotion… just from believing in himself and running his mouth. He continued the grave-yard shift where it was quiet and began to draw pictures on discarded film. Then he would print copies of the pictures (which is what lithographers do), create a matte-frame for the picture and sell his work throughout the community.

One day I asked for a rain-slicker, rain boots and an umbrella to stay dry when I walked to school in the rain. Mom said we didn’t have money for that… but my daddy, with eyes filled with hope, said we’d get them tomorrow. He picked up his artwork, headed out the door and returned with cold-hard-cash… and we went shopping just as he promised. He was a MAGman from the beginning, and I was his little grrrl.

My daddy planted value every time he opened his mouth. He encouraged you to keep trying… to think differently… and to never give up. It didn’t matter who you were… or your status in life… he looked you in the eye and gave you hope. He was the eldest son of seven-siblings (one brother and six sisters) and when he passed, the entire community celebrated his life. There were so many cars in the procession, people asked if this was a celebrity’s funeral… Yes, he was a MAGman from the beginning, and I was his little grrrl.