The Millennial Revolution

There seems to be quite a stigma on the Millennial generation. Granted, most of the generation is still in the 20s and only a few, including myself, have entered the realm of the young adult- the 30’s. For that reason, I think it’s fair to say that we haven’t even seen this generation fully come to life yet. The stigma, in my perception, has been created by an older generation that doesn’t understand our values. We don’t drool over top level CEO positions that have no work-life balance, and for the most part, money is secondarily important to saving the planet that has been left in such disarray for us. In the midst of our evolved priority lists, our disinterest in the ‘way things are’ and the ‘way things should be done’ has been summarized, incorrectly, as  a careless generation when in actuality, we are the most caring and most diverse generation yet. 


So what does this mean?  It means that simply receiving a paycheck is not enough.  Morally, money is not the answer to all of our problems. Our problems require love and heart and we expect our employers to identify, respect and act towards those values. We want our companies to be mindful of the packaging they use, the ratio of income between the guys at the top and the guys at the bottom to be reasonable, and for employees to be respected as a value to the company. We want to work for companies that are innovating ways to be a part of the solutions to the overwhelming and intersectional issues we face. It’s not enough to just show up to work anymore. We want to work for someone who cares.



Our systems are failing us everywhere we look. Our generation has no trust for government, big business, our cops, advertising, food, or our beauty products. We have been lied to about bright futures and about the fact that we have a government that gives any kind of shit about any of us. 

Let me share something with anyone who may not know many millennials; Yes, we are on our phones a lot, and no we don’t ‘respect authority’ in the ways that maybe previous generations did.  But, let’s be clear…. when a millennial – the gig economy savvy survivalist- figures out something to DEEPLY care about, we grab the bullhorns and head out in the arena to take on the establishment. We have 20 year olds coming up with devices to remove plastics from our oceans and turn them into roads and walk ways. We have geniuses coming up with new medical advances like CRISPR and those creating an entirely self driving fleet of cars to take on our transportation issues. 



Hate the millennial generation all you want and continue to point fingers because we eat too many avocados or because we’re laying a death trap for Applebees, but the truth is, our generation is here to change the planet. Thanks to the internet we have been exposed to the atrocities that our 1st world government has both created and ignored. We are here to clean up the mess that has been left for us, so don’t be so surprised when we’re not lured by the Old-Boy top dollar individualism that has starved our nation and beyond. 

Yes, this is a conversation about transformation. About an overhaul of American ideals.  This is about Revolution.  Revolution 2018.