September Dressing…MAG Style.

Change is in the air!  Fall is coming and September has meant putting fall fashion pieces into rotation.  And, even with a rare heat wave in the mix, (yes, it’s hard to start thinking about corduroy and tweed when it is still hot AF) we’re ready to pack it up and change into our new Fall Favorites. Whether it’s light layering or working those “off-the-shoulder” tops with darker-toned pieces, here are Seven Simple Style Tips on how to enjoy early Fall Fashion without piling on perspiration.


Fall is actually my favorite time of year for getting dressed. It’s not too hot and not too cold: it’s just right.  And because September can be cool in the morning – warm (often HOT) in the afternoon, the weather is especially perfect for layering. Yes, it’s officially that…”wear a sweater in the morning regret it in the afternoon,” type of weather.  So don’t toss those short sleeves just yet because they still have some life in them. (1) Layer them. Layering is the perfect strategy for extending your summer faves into fall, but keep your layer “light” to look cool!  Avoid looking like you’re overdressed and overheating.



(2) The off-the-shoulder style that was so popular this past summer also works beautifully for fall, especially when it is long sleeved and in a rich autumnal tone.



Channel those changing leaves!  As you transition your wardrobe, start dabbling in fall’s signature hues like orange, red, rust and earth tones. You may have already started shifting towards (3) richer fall colors and fabrics, they prove to be the perfect sartorial mates.

Image-1 (2)


One way to turn hard-core fall outfits into great transition looks?  (4) Pair them with slides!  If the slipper fits, slide into it, Cinderella!


And, because summer seems to stick around long after Fall’s opening day, go ahead and (5) bare your GORGEOUS LEGS. You can give a nod to fall by opting for dark shoes and heavier fabrics on bottom instead of tights, socks and stockings. Pile on the layers to keep yourself feeling comfy during those fall wind gusts, but keep some skin exposed, too; besides being oh so ideal for finicky temps, the look is subtle and SEXY! 


(6) Accessories are a great way to add warmth to your summer pieces, too. Leather bags and boots update warm weather outfits for fall, and steer you clear into building a cool weather wardrobe that’s always on point. For instance, ladies can add a (7) light turtleneck and tights to their skirts, or a blazer to professional attire.


Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season is a masterful fashion feat. (That’s another way of saying: It’s just plain hard.) While it’s not quite the right time to bust out the full fall 2018 get-ups just yet, that head-to-toe white #OOTD you worked all summer long isn’t really going to hit quite as well as it once did. So, what’s a style-savvy MAG to do?  The chicest (and unexpected) summer-to-autumn outfit ideas you’ve ever seen are right this way, ALL Available at MAG’s CLOSET…Go see for yourself.  Go SHOPPING!