Spring Trends

The following is not meant to “cause-a-pause,” but if you’re Kim K. or Beyonce, or anyone else mildly attached to her curves, washboard abs, or adulthood, then take this next bit slowly.  All of the loose, carefree, billowing fabrics, all of those cute smocks, and all that layering we saw on the Spring runways are not about showing off those particular assets. Don’t worry, assets will always find their way back!

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The Hustle

Long before I moved to LA, in the days of working at MAC Cosmetics in Kansas City, I remember chatting with a coworker of mine about my considerations about moving to LA. I’d always been intrigued yet intimidated by the idea and she shared with me the dynamics of living in Los Angeles. She told me about “The Hustle”.
As far as I knew, hustling was a drug runners term, but she then enlightened me to the Big City definition. She said everyone in LA has got a side hustle… the work you do to make cash on the side or the work you do to build your real career while still supporting yourself with what I like to call, a Matrix job.

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MAGnificent MAG! Opera Singer, Voice Teacher & Entrepreneur, Coming to a Campus Near YOU!

Even at 12 Lis Stephens was a fearless MAG. One day she woke up in her father’s house in the quiet valley of the Pocono mountains, instead of in her mother’s house in the bustling city of Cleveland, Ohio. She had just made a life changing decision that many people wouldn’t dare even in their 40’s or 50’s – to relocate to a brand new place in order to create a new life with greater possibilities. Smart, fearless, unusually mature, and determined to do great things, Lis had left behind 4 siblings, a big extended family and a huge community of friends. This was the first in a long line of boss decisions that Lis would make as she created what she calls her “Life of Adventure”, constantly choosing the unknown and embracing greater possibilities.639318992


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Let’s face it, despite what we’re constantly told, we’ve all grown up following our own unique set of rules, typically showing common courtesy, respect and good manners. But at what point do these pleasantries of our past become our professional detriment? Do you kindly wait your turn to speak? Second-guess your ideas?  Smile, smirk, and even while those incredible ideas are boiling over, ask for permission? If you hear me, we have some real corrections for you, and it’s time to fix this so you can become the boss that you are!

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Galentine’s Day

By Pamela Neferkara on Jan 23, 2019 1:37:33 PM

As any boss lady knows, sometimes the REAL meeting is the night before or the evening after—NOT in the boardroom. Often, your best deals and greatest progress happen in a setting where everyone can feel more relaxed. MAGS, don’t let an evening of small talk and wine throw you off your game. It might be a dinner, but you need to be all about your business. Here is how to show up and stand out!