The Millennial Revolution

There seems to be quite a stigma on the Millennial generation. Granted, most of the generation is still in the 20s and only a few, including myself, have entered the realm of the young adult- the 30’s. For that reason, I think it’s fair to say that we haven’t even seen this generation fully come to life yet. The stigma, in my perception, has been created by an older generation that doesn’t understand our values. We don’t drool over top level CEO positions that have no work-life balance, and for the most part, money is secondarily important to saving the planet that has been left in such disarray for us. In the midst of our evolved priority lists, our disinterest in the ‘way things are’ and the ‘way things should be done’ has been summarized, incorrectly, as  a careless generation when in actuality, we are the most caring and most diverse generation yet. 


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Advice for your 20s

As I sat down to write this article , I considered how supremely unqualified I am on the subject. I have a perpetual layer of sticky crumbs on my keyboard. I never have a pen, snack bar, or band-aid when I need one. I am a trial-and-error, work-in-progress. Fallible and wise and complicated as the next person reading this. I’ve only ever experienced life in my body with the circumstances given— and the only person I feel capable of advising is younger me (though who honestly knows if she’d ask).


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Wendi Burkhardt — A Grrrl Born to Lead!

We salute the success and entrepreneurial drive of our latest Magnificent MAG — Wendi Burkhardt.  Wendi is the co-founder of Silvernest, an online roommate-matching platform that pairs boomers, retirees, and empty nesters with compatible housemates for long-term sharing. Wendi is the kind of GRRRL that embraces technology, innovation, and new business development.  She has built a platform and service that may help ease the aging process of 109 million Americans over age 50.  Wendi is a digital pioneer, providing affordable living alternatives that will foster communities and engage more older adults living in isolation.

Wendi Burkhardt

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I Woke Up Like This!

Thanks to the excitement of warmer weather, the practice of no-makeup makeup has returned.  And, it’s flawlessly-refreshing.  Who wants to wear a full-on-made-up face in frying temperatures, anyway?  Following years of endless YouTube tutorials on makeup application, contouring, highlighting and immodest amounts of glitter, the fresh faced, dewy, “I woke up like this” look is what we’re all striving for this season.  In this case, Less is More! -And, Less is certainly BEST!

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We Got A Sista in the Palace!  MAG Up.

Yes, we have a sista in the palace!  Black Grrrl Magic is across the pond and by the looks of that lovely, elegant May wedding — looking good! We salute Meghan’s happiness; we love her poise, elegance, and all the grace that she (and her gorgeous mom) shared with the world.  Her mom, Doria Ragland, had a look, a presence, and a peace that is so common in black women that have successfully raised “grown ass children.”  We love these women! Doria with her nose ring, gorgeous dreadlocks, and glowing aura of dignity and peace.  Doria and Meghan are women of color that move beyond the limits of stereotypes and racial ignorance; they are living their truth and shining a light on the many hues of American beauty.  Now, more than ever, we so need a happy ever after ending…Now, that wedding, let’s be clear… was a salute to African American culture and spirituality. Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry had some church up in there. Praise God! And we all loved the gospel choir, that amazing young cellist and the memorable serenade “Stand By Me.”  Its was touching.  It was elegant.
And it was BLACK.

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MAGnificent MAG!  KIMBERLY DREW aka @museummammy

Recently, I was asked to interview, MAGnificent MAG, Kimberly Drew (not Kim,) an “around the way girl who doesn’t suffer fools,” an Art Curator and the Manager of Social Platforms at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was super excited to speak with Kimberly; she’s an idol, a friend, a BAD-ASS Woman and she’s doing so much to change the art world and what we think it is. You know, it’s not always about Old. White. Men.

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