MAGical Gifts

Welcome to the season of MAGic! The time of year that brings us closer to Family, Friends and Gift Giving. What do you buy a woman who has everything?  We often struggle to find the perfect holiday gift for her, whomever she may be: a Lean In–type executive, a well-read art lover, a hard-core sports star, a passionate activist, or a logo-loving fashion fanatic.  Fear not!  There’s a singular, standout gift for all MAGs, from those seated in the boardroom to those getting cozy at home or protesting in the streets.

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Five Reasons: My Marriage Makes Me A Better Grrrl

They say behind every good man, there’s a good woman. Well, I say she’s more than a good woman – she’s a MAG. She connects the dots and makes things happen. In an ideal world, her children love her and her husband calls her blessed. Then, there’s reality – her children are clueless about what she does for them, and her husband only calls to ask what’s for dinner.

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Ho-Ho-Hostess Gifts – MAG Style!

I admit, this time of year makes me very giddy. First glance up and there’s the glistening of street decorations that every city strings to welcome the holiday season. Stores take up aisles to offer tree trimmings and home decorations of holiday lights to hang. And, if your friends are anything like mine, the party invitations begin to arrive! I’ve already received my first! It’s a MAGical time of year, for friends and family, and every MAG knows it!

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Vote.  Your Future Needs You.

If the 2016 Presidential Election taught us anything, it was that we should never get too comfortable— If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. We can’t just sit around and wait for change to happen. We have to be the change. You may be wondering, “why vote?” Why even contribute to this system that has so utterly failed women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community?

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MAG Style: Wear it Loud and Proud!

As the effects of our current political climate, a Donald Trump White House and the rise of so-called alt-right activism in North America ripple through the cultural waters, political dressing is trending. Protesters of all stripes — feminists, white supremacists, antifa, nationalists and social justice advocates — are outfitting themselves to match their political mindsets. This type of political dressing is not the dress code of politicians, nor the mere “rise in skirt hems,” because of rising stock markets.”  This is individuals and groups using everyday dress to express their political outlook.

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MAG Health: Is Trump Making you Sick?

News flash—the 24-hour news cycle and nonstop Breaking News can be poison to the soul. Seriously, don’t you grrrls have mini panic attacks when you turn on the news, and BREAKING NEWS is plastered at the bottom of the screen, repeatedly pulsating like the flashing Crispy Crème donut sign that signals a sugar high? Except this BREAKING NEWS signage likely foreshadows something less sweet—like the proposed destruction of birthright citizenship (an American right) or the end of Roe v. Wade. Just sayin’. It could happen. It has happened. And it is making us all a little unwell.

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Women Across the United States

MAG Nation.  With this issue, we congratulate American women and their voting prowess . We must acknowledge, celebrate, and give thanks to all the amazing women that participated in and won during our 2018 election midterms.  Understanding and utilizing our political process is critical to begin to change policies and platforms that affect American women, and well, ALL women.  Simply stated, we must VOTE.  And we have to ensure that our voices, our needs, and our multicultural perspectives are part of America’s ever changing political process. It’s our time to stand up and be counted! And last week our power was evident. We showed up in every hue, every religion, and we applauded every Senegalese twist on the ballot — so proud to see our female cohort lead this country!

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