Our Mission


MY ATTA GRRRL is a female cohort that demands inclusion, leverages empowerment, and invites diversity.  Yes, MAG is about female empowerment, but its “POWah” on our terms.  And our way.  It’s the freedom to be your authentic self; the freedom to be a MAG.

Mostly, MAGS are not looking to please they are looking to win — and winning is the empowerment they seek and deserve.  MAG is an attitude, a lifestyle AND A MINDSET.   It’s the confidence to be who you really are —not conforming to limits or rules that often stereotype and confine women.

Join MAGnation

Join MAGnation.  It’s the Alpha woman; the female breadwinner or single woman that rules her household by choice and financial prowess.  It’s the woman that wears confidence like a familiar cloak. 

It’s YOU. MAG is bold, fierce, and most importantly, UNAFRAID.