MAGnificent – Laura Browder!

Let’s celebrate with our first 2019 MAG…Ms. Laura Browder.  We love Laura and all that she has to offer.  She’s fierce, confident, and always up for boozy brunch; she supports and champions all the MAGnificent GRRRLS that play on her volleyball teams.  Laura is a coach and mentor to many high school GRRRLs in Los Angeles, California.  Her infectious smile and ready high- five make her the type of GRRRL that we love to support.  Laura is every GRRRL, every MAG that is determined to live her truth; define her best way of living in the “now” and most importantly, open to life’s journey and the expected daily wins and daily pot holes.  Life will happen to all of us, but it’s Laura’s attitude that makes her a MAG on the move.

Laura Browder

Laura’s MY ATTA GRRRL mantra:

I love being a volleyball coach and have enthusiastically embraced a sport that I never played in high school or college.  Moving to Los Angeles inspired my volleyball career and my interest in the sport just continues to grow.  Working with young women and helping them to be their athletic “best” is a great motivator for me and I enjoy teaching, mentoring and coaching our younger MAGS.

Laura Browder

I’ve always believed in hard work and following your passion.  And I was blessed with amazing parents that always stressed the importance of effort, achievement, and giving your best to every activity.  I firmly believe that life is about winning or learning; there is no room for failure,  just the opportunity to learn from all your actions—– those actions that are good and not so good.  My mantra is to just keep learning!

Originally from Texas, I have followed my passion to travel and see the world and spent four years living in Australia.  And then decided to move to Los Angeles (after a long layover at LAX).  Yep —– that sold me on LaLa Land!

 We asked Laura to define what makes her a MAG?

  • My natural confidence. I’ve always been the GRRRL that is comfortable in her own skin.  I am not looking for approval —– love to have a good time, but I don’t judge my self worth based on what other’s think of me.  Live your life and live it completely. And I have found that if I don’t believe in me —- then who will?  GRRRLS we gotta back ourselves up and not be afraid to get what we want when we want it… MAG UP!
  • Living without regret. Growing up and being a strong female created anxiety for some, but I’ve always been able to applaud my personal strength.  And my swag is my swag.  I’ve learned that my voice is both strong, loud, and feminine.  And it’s all me!  
  • I’m all in. I approach life without fear and with great passion.  And that’s how I choose to live!  I am truly excited about the adventures that 2019 will bring and all the amazing friendships that will develop and grow.

Looking forward to more MAG in 2019!