MAGnificent Earlene Cox

Earlene Cox is the kind of woman that every GRRRL wants to have on her BFF roster. She’s kind, sassy, creative and the type of grown-ass woman that MAG salutes!  Earlene is a native of North Carolina, but has called New York her home for many decades. She’s raised her children in Westchester New York and has done all the Mom rituals that working women endure. She’s been through Nanny hell, shared her suburban limelight with an ambitious and successful husband and served as an international tax attorney for a Fortune 15 company for more years than she cares to count!  Corporate America was her home for way too long and the many countries she visited became an international blur.

Earlene Cox

MAG up!  Earlene Cox is a GRRRL because she left her corporate world and became an artist…an artist that is known for her declarations that praise the sensuality, honesty, and creativity of dirt….yes….DIRT!  Earlene is enthralled with getting her hands dirty, and has embraced a career in pottery, sculpture and visual art.  And her work is getting noticed; her artistic showings have steadily increased.  She will be an exhibiting artist in the upcoming Harlem Fine Arts Show, at The Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue, New York, NY 10027 on February 14 through February 17, 2019.

Go Earlene Go!

What led to your work as a sculptor?

Earlene began modeling clay a few years after her mother died from Alzheimer’s. She needed a safe and creative space to work through her grief and loss.  Art provided that platform.  Research shows that one way to combat Alzheimer’s is to use both side of the brain and as a life-long left brainer, Earlene wanted to expand her artistic capabilities and eagerly worked to develop and nurture her artistic leanings. She got involved with a local art center and began to sculpt and create.  Earlene’s work is currently on display until January 27, 2019 at The Upstream Gallery located at 8 Main Street in Hastings-On-Hudson.

Leap of Faith

Titled:  Leap of Faith


Titled: Lila

You moved from tax attorney to artist…how did that happen?

I have always been a passionate, confident and spiritual being…my faith in God and family has allowed me to follow my curiosity and nurture my love in creating all the faces and experiences that have helped me to become me…  I remain grateful for all that life has given me.  And I look forward to sharing my art with MAGS everywhere!