MAG @ Work: So You Think it’s Time to Make Money Moves?

MAGs!  There is at least one moment in every MAG’s career when she realizes a new job is the right, and smartest, next move.



But, before turning what appears to be a Boss Move — into a Bust Move, here are a few bold questions you need to ask yourself!


Are you sure it’s time to go?

If you haven’t been laid off be sure you’re really ready to move on for the right reasons, no regrets!  Your departure should be about moving towards something more fulfilling, not running away from what you believe is a bad boss or a bad company. Ask yourself a few smart questions: Have I learned all that I can at this company?  And, do I need a new job at a new company or just a new challenge where I am?


Your strengths matter, MOST! But, what exactly are your strengths?

This is your time to Glow-up!  Take time to write down the characteristics that make you uniquely, you!  This is not a resume, although it will certainly help you build a smashing C.V. Rather, this is an inventory of what you are best at and will highlight the skills you’ve built and will bring to the business. Your list should cover technical skills, but also those softer skills that make you a BIG DEAL.  What type of leader are you?  How do you motivate others? Are you fantastic and boss at presentations?  Don’t be shy!  Be sure you know you, so you can sell you!


NOW…What exactly IS this New Job?

Notice I didn’t say, “What is the title of your next job?”  There are new roles being created every single day. Get clear about what aspects of a new role are important to you: How much do you want to travel?  How would you dress?  What problems do you want to solve?  Create this list and continue to add to it so you can evaluate opportunities and be clear about where you’re headed next! Know what’s NON-NEGOTIABLE. Be Brave!


What have you accomplished?

The intersection between what you’re good at and what you’ve accomplished is the bridge to your success! These are those things you’re most proud of and believe truly demonstrate the value you add to any company. Sometimes, a role may not have been created, but if you can speak to the type of work you’d like to do and relate that to how you’ve been successful in past roles, you’re one step closer to sealing the deal.  Go ahead, allow them to create a role in your honor! MAG Up!


The 2 Step Rule

Often junior men and women come to me with the intention of making a career change. Of course, some can do so, however, I find a more realistic path is making that change in two steps!

For Example, imagine you’re working in PR in the oil industry. However, what you really want to do is become an editor in publishing. It can be a huge challenge to convince someone to take a risk on you making such a big change. So, first consider step one: perhaps you look to land a PR job for a publishing house. That gets you in the industry you want while still leveraging the experience you have. Or, land a job as an editor in the oil industry; you’ve switched disciplines, but you’re still operating in familiar territory. Then, once you’ve demonstrated success after step one, go for step two. Why does this work?  Listen Up…


Now You Can Strike a Balance!

If you’re early in your career, you may be focused on learning opportunities and that make sense. However, very quickly, you’ll find that to maximize a role, you need a balance between an opportunity to learn and the ability to contribute. The ideal role gives you both: lots to learn and places to grow while contributing to the business, no matter how modest. Ladies, you need some wins to build your confidence as you learn to take on bigger challenges.


Dream Large!

Lastly, MAGs, don’t forget to dream big. This is your journey.  Go for what you really want in your heart, not just in your head. Sometimes you may have to make a lateral move or two, but keep moving in the direction of where you want to go.  Stay focused. Some day you will find what you are looking for…or maybe not, maybe you’ll find something much greater!