I officially declare Fall as MAG season. With a September birthday I am already partial to the “ber” months—September, October, November and December. But its more than that. Fall is a time to rejuvenate and where necessary, replenish. I reject January as the signature time to reflect both on one’s abundance and opportunities. When summer heat morphs into the cool breeziness of a crisp Fall day, there is no better time to take stock of your MAGness and plan an attack. Make Fall a time to Renew, Reshape and Recharge.


Renew your commitment to yourself. Self-care is essential to leading a MAGnificent life. Fall is a great time to reinvest in those essentials that make a bland day grand—that facial you’ve been putting off for months because you have been too busy or too broke? Get in now. A change in season often means a change in routines, a new opportunity to recapture your joie de vivre! Begin with the facial and move on to trying that new hot yoga studio that opened near your office, or the barre class that you have been dying to try but keep skipping because those lithe, long and lean former ballerinas who dominate the class, make you a wee bit self-conscious of your firm but mighty thighs. Check it out. They’re not thinking about you. They are there to burn, not to bully.


Reshape. A change in temperature typically makes for a change in wardrobe and habits. Rather then pull out that same old fall uniform, whatever it may be, check yourself and see if you are due a Fall reinvention. Sometimes just a small tweak can be the refresh you need—a different shade of lipstick, wearing jeans that don’t scream “skinny” or swapping those mawkish Kevin Kwan novels for something weightier such as Michelle Obama’s Becoming or Lisa Brenan-Jobs, Small Fry, a less than charitable memoir of her experience as daughter of Steve.


Recharge. Finally, Fall is a season for recharging. Perhaps your summer days were spent sipping Rose and sangria at a local café, taking every opportunity to be outdoors and soak up the sun. Come Fall you and your grrrls may want to move inside and take a cooking class or learn about the wines of Provence, of make like Demi Moore in Ghost and take up pottery.


This could be a time to visit local museums and spend more time at Tea and coffee joints listening to Poetry Slams instead of Jazz in the Park. Museum aficionados and Harry Potter fans will take delight in “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” at the New York Historical Society beginning in October. The “What” doesn’t matter as much as the “Just do It.”  Find something that soothes you and commit. Bring a friend or two if that suits you. If not, go it alone and rekindle your relationship with yourself. This is also true for travel. The “ber” months scream long walks, bike rides and hikes in some gorgeous autumn scenery as tree leaves transition from green to stunning oranges and reds.