This Body of Mine!


 The body is a temple.


This is an ancient belief that goes back in many religions, and rightfully so. They are the houses to our souls and must be honored. There is however, a debate about whether “honoring ones’ temple” means keeping it ‘pure’ of enhancements of any kind, particularly tattoos. Tattoos for me however, have not only been markers of transitional moments in my life, but have allowed me to feel that my exterior more closely resonates with my soul.


I knew I wanted to get tattoos from a very young age. Not just tattoos- but large tattoos. For a long time I thought it was solely because I liked art and the look, but in my later years I realize that having larger tattoos was also a subconscious way of making something I hated more beautiful.


The detriment of hating oneself manifests in different ways. For me it was intense jealousy of my friends who were cuter or thinner than me or friends who had boyfriends. I spent most of my 20’s in this mind set and in 2012, I got a white tattoo on my forearm to remind myself that my time for love will come when the Universe determines I’m ready. At the same time I designed the white tattoo, I designed the ‘unlocked’ version that I would get when I finally found the love I felt I was missing.


It took me a couple years to figure out that the mission wasn’t to find love in someone else, it was to learn to love myself. I set out on a journey to find self love and let me tell you, that is the most intense, long-term spiritual experience anyone can have. I had to learn to surrender to Spirit.


It took six years of dedicated work to arrive at the moment I would get my right arm tattooed. This year on my 33rd birthday I finally had it done. Now, every time I look at this piece, I see the work I’ve done. I see the journey I’ve traveled, and I feel a surge of self love, running through my veins for eternity, regardless of whether I ever find a partner.


Tattoos are what make me, me. They are my book cover and a way of saying things without speaking. It’s only natural to want to decorate and beautify our environments, so I started with my body, my temple, me, Trew Love.