MAG Meter

Please check every question you answer “yes”:

    Are you a bad ass Alpha GRRRL? 

   Do you live to thrive and succeed?

   Do you share your enthusiasm for success by inspiring others?

   Do you share your unique gifts in the world to bring about positive change?

   Do you value women’s empowerment and lead by example?

   Do you refuse to conform to limits that often stereotype and confine women?

   Do you embrace new challenges?

   Do you power through life without fear?

   Do you enter a room full of people with strength and confidence?

   Do you believe in living your life with humor and integrity?

   Are you a confident, vibrant, and fierce GRRRL?

   Do you show your unique style to the world with an “And What!” or “Yassss!” Attitude?

   Are you bold, brassy, brave, and beautiful?

   Is Beyonce your shero?

   Do you control the family wallet?

   Do you run your world and your mama’s world and your boo’s world?

   Do you embrace and celebrate diversity knowing MAGs come in all hues and all sizes?

   Do you believe in equality for all badass women?

   Do you believe GRRRL power is a God-given innate FORCE?

   Do you believe the future is female and MAGnificent?

For every check, give yourself one point. Add up your points and measure the MAGnitude of your MAGness below! Scroll down…

15-20 points | Almighty MAG

Congratulations!!  You are a pretty “Big Deal,” Superwoman, and you wear that cape like a BOSS!  You are fearless and you embrace life’s challenges with humor and grace.  “Don’t go changing – tryin to please!”  – And, you wouldn’t anyway!  You truly enjoy the baddie that you are! Continue to anchor others and uplift those who admire your tenacity, strength and endurance.  MAG Up and Go Get em, Grrrl!

10-14 points | Warrior MAG

You know your worth and you are in charge of your destiny!  You are brave and experienced, and show great vigor, courage and aggressiveness in all that you do!  Having you on the team is a Bucket!  Continue to fight the good fight and to train others in your pursuit to success.  MAG On, Warrior!  We need you!

5-9 points | MAG in the Middle

Being Boss, Bold and Unafraid doesn’t always come easy for you, but in the end, you push through in MAGstyle!  Fear Not!  You’re halfway there, Grrrl.  – And, there’s nothing wrong with that!  Preparing yourself for next level success is what makes you so enthusiastic and driven.  For you, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination!”  MAGrising!  Keep at it…You’re doing GREAT!

0-4 points | MAG in Training

Got Questions? Get Answers! Your MAG Journey is just beginning and you’ve got some catching up to do, Trainee.  However, like with most opportunities, you’re in it to win it! And, you’re aiming to Win BIG, because that’s what MAG’s do. Being the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you can’t make waves! Always remember: A baby shark is still a f**cking shark! Goal Getter — WE SEE YOU!  MAG Up!