MAGnificent MAG – Bloody Mary!

So a Jersey girl walks into a bar… meets a guy from New Orleans, and after a few drinks—okay maybe a few dates, too—they realized they share more than a love for each other, but a quest to create a healthier, happier Bloody Mary mix. And so, The Hoboken Mary was born.



At first, Christine and Ryan’s zesty cocktail-making love-fest was just for social gatherings and private tastings, but after hearing repeatedly that Christine’s unique, sodium-free concoction was a “home-run,” she grabbed her wallet and searched for a bottler.


Christine was no slacker when it came to hard work. By day, she held a successful career in advertising and marketing, which definitely helped guide her vision and brand her new product. She checked off all the buckets, and did her research on market. She knew about licensing imagery and wanted to be sure the woman on the front label would never be confused or be subject to anyone trying to claim royalties. So she stripped down and posed for the camera, which became the bold curvy silhouette on the front label of the jar.  She’s Classy, Sassy and a lil’ Bad Assy.  Unmistakably, for the one and only female owned Bloody Mary mix, Hoboken Mary!


 186815850The tasting contagion continued and Mary landed a spot on Good Day New York, which helped open the doors to more than100 retail, restaurant and bar locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Arkansas. As the brand continued to grow, Bloody Mary began popping up all over town and now has quite the following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so be sure to support her as Hoboken Mary continues to spice-up the cocktail beverage industry!  Most recently, Mary took over the YELP-New Jersey Instagram feed for a day, and Christine was able to kick back and enjoy the spotlight (and a cocktail) for a moment.


Christine looks forward to her next big challenges: scaling her company and expanding her product line, (all good problems to have for sure) and maybe while she’s in innovation mode, she will come up with a tomato-proof wedding dress because wedding bells are definitely in this MAG’s future. MAG UP!  Drink Up!  Go get ‘em, Christine.



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