Goodbye Resolutions, Hello GOALS!

2019 is here you powerful woman, and it’s time to MAG UP, create your game plan and set yourself in motion for unprecedented results.

Now you probably think I’m talking about making New Year’s Resolutions… Nope!  That’s for kids, and for people with no resolve to get things done. In fact according to Statistic Brain Research Institute (, only 9.2% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them. So why bother?  Graduate from resolutions to annual goals and you will change the whole trajectory of your life!



But, wait… before you graduate, you have to take the class. So let’s talk about the difference between a goal and a resolution. A resolution is a small promise on which you put a lot of weight. Most commonly it focuses on the doing and does not develop the larger picture. Importantly, resolutions often come from a place of judgment, guilt and blame around what hasn’t been done, achieved or had so far. New Year’s resolutions fail because they lack a higher vision and they rely on will power, of which frankly most of us are poorly endowed at best.

A goal on the other hand is a specific measurable intentional result based on a larger vision for your life. When you set goals, you are focusing on the outcome rather than the the minutiae. And in so doing you give yourself permission to create your results freely, without rules and limitations. Above all else, your goals have meaning and value to you and to others. Your goals create a space for you to have what your heart desires, make a greater impact, and exceed your own expectations.



When setting your goals for 2019, make sure you take some time to consider what you are really creating for your life. What is your vision? What do you want most?  Declare your goals powerfully using specific, measurable language and put finite deadlines on your goals to keep you accountable and motivated. As you consider your goals, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my goal in alignment with my purpose?
  • Why am I making this commitment?
  • Does this goal bring me real joy?
  • How will my life improve when I accomplish this goal?
  • What impact will I have on others through accomplishing this goal?

Answering this set of questions as you set your goals creates a foundation for the goal itself so that when the going gets rough and the resolve dissolves, you will keep pushing.  Once you have declared your goals out loud, and dug deep into the whys and wherefores, take the time to write them down remembering that how you write your goals is just as important as what you are writing.  A simple formula for writing effective goals is:


Make declarative statements and avoid words like “try,” “want” and “hope”.  You are a MAG!  That means that you are 100% capable of achieving your dreams.  Writing down these bold statements and keeping them visible will have you on track to take your Goals from Dreams to DONE in 2019.