Where My Grrrls At?

It’s impossible to know what Saint Valentine, the pious fellow for whom V-Day is named, would think of the pink glitter and chocolate-laden holiday we celebrate every February. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just weeks away, Grrrls!  But given that the sentimental Victorian-era festival from which the holiday derives was based on the flimsiest of premises, there’s little reason not to think of the day as an excuse to buy something sweet for yourself — every MAG knows this! If you’re not coupled up, the idea of celebrating can feel quite passé, capitalist, or heteronormative, even. But love, as a universal experience, can still (and should!) be shared among those closest to you: friends, family, chosen family—the ones who are there even when romantic partners come and go. MAG Up to MAGnificent, Leslie Knope for coming up with a sassy alternative to the traditional V-Day: Galentine’s Day. Observed on February 13th, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the women you love and admire, celebrate feminism, and support female-run labels.

Galentine's Day

Whatever kind of MAG is on your mind—a daughter, sister, friend, mother, or mentor—we’re sure there’s something in MAGs Closet for everyone you want to show some love to this year, or better yet, love yourself a little more, you deserve it!  From Bracelets and Beanies to (Vibrators?), we’ve gathered a few MAG Must Haves for the Gals!  MAG up!

1.  Good news and good vibes: we have a discreet line of luxury vibrators. Made by the Japanese company Iroha, they come in sculptural shapes and understated shades. Self-love, self-care, self-pleasure – you’re the boss!  It’s Valentine’s Day!

Iroha vibrating personal massager with multiple settings.

2.  No need to turn up the temps, this is all she’ll need.  Tory’s Fire-Engine-Red-Hot LOVE Beanie makes staying warm, Uber-cool!  Tory Sport Women’s Merino LOVE Beanie!


3.  As much as I love my beat-up black backpack I carry almost every day, I’m also someone who firmly believes in the power of kitsch when it comes to my accessories.  Quirky, chic, and bold!

Santi Women’s Heart Clutch in pulsing Red!

4.  This delicate gold-vermeil chain bracelet features a ‘love’ script charm, adjustable length and lobster-claw clasp.  Beautifully designed for any Gal’s wrist!  A Galentine’s Day Most Wanted!  Jennifer Zeuer Cursive Love Bracelet.

5.  Mismatched earrings are bold and confident, perfect for the risk-taking baddie on your list!  True, a little odd — a little eclectic, but they make you take notice and lean in for a closer look!  A MAG-favorite!  Jules Smith Women’s Heartbreak Mismatched Earrings.

6.  Don’t sweat it!  You are loved (and appreciated) especially on Galentine’s Day!  And, there is no better time to say it!  Rebecca Minkoff Women’s L’Amour Jennings Sweatshirt!  Love!


All Galentine’s Day Gifts are female-run labels and are Available at MAGs Closet!  Sweet!  Go Shopping, NOW!


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