Let’s face it, despite what we’re constantly told, we’ve all grown up following our own unique set of rules, typically showing common courtesy, respect and good manners. But at what point do these pleasantries of our past become our professional detriment? Do you kindly wait your turn to speak? Second-guess your ideas?  Smile, smirk, and even while those incredible ideas are boiling over, ask for permission? If you hear me, we have some real corrections for you, and it’s time to fix this so you can become the boss that you are!

You MUST Speak-UP to be heard

Be Boss!

So, you’re in a work meeting. You’re probably the sharpest knife in the room, sitting back meticulously planning out the project with all the correct arrows pointing to a perfect solution. Then suddenly someone with a half-baked idea jumps up and steers the discussion in another direction—one far less solid that’s yours.


But wait, it gets worse, that less competent person making all the noise and not really contributing, is the first to be recognized and promoted! Speaking up is what makes confident people stand out. Confidence is simply the belief in one’s ability to succeed. Those who are most confident see being heard, as a venue to success, and in most cases it works. This is not the time to be shy, and please stop being patient. You need to win at being heard – so Boss Up!

What are YOU bringing to the Party?

Be Bold

Confidence also informs others of your COMPETENCE. Yes, you read that right. By no means does confidence compensate for lack of skill, because at the end of the day, you won’t keep your day job if you don’t know what you’re doing. But consider that your level of skill and expertise can only be recognized IF YOU SHARE IT, and that means by talking about it, demonstrating it, supporting it and owning it.


Just “having” it and waiting for someone to recognize it, isn’t enough. The big revelation here is that confidence begets action, and this is where many women miss the boat. “Show off” if that makes more sense. You must show them what you got! You are bringing the “I” to the party!

Mag Up!  You’re the Captain Now!

Be Brave

It’s called taking over the ship, because you are capable of steering it!  You are uniquely different and everyone needs to know why. I’m beginning to hear the lyrics to “Finesse,” by Bruno Mars…”Blame it on my confidence…” Never be afraid to be your authentic self. YOU are unlike anyone else. What makes you fire?!


Write down your strengths, talents and skills —every last one of them, and this may sound cliché, but this will help you WIN. And, you’re playing to win, ladies! Feed your strengths. Starve your weaknesses, and while you’re hanging out with your friends, ask them to tell you WHY YOU’RE POWERFUL and do the same for them. Do what you need to do in order to shine. YOU GOT THIS!

Game On!

Written by Bella Farris