Where My Grrrls At?

It’s impossible to know what Saint Valentine, the pious fellow for whom V-Day is named, would think of the pink glitter and chocolate-laden holiday we celebrate every February. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just weeks away, Grrrls!  But given that the sentimental Victorian-era festival from which the holiday derives was based on the flimsiest of premises, there’s little reason not to think of the day as an excuse to buy something sweet for yourself — every MAG knows this! If you’re not coupled up, the idea of celebrating can feel quite passé, capitalist, or heteronormative, even. But love, as a universal experience, can still (and should!) be shared among those closest to you: friends, family, chosen family—the ones who are there even when romantic partners come and go. MAG Up to MAGnificent, Leslie Knope for coming up with a sassy alternative to the traditional V-Day: Galentine’s Day. Observed on February 13th, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the women you love and admire, celebrate feminism, and support female-run labels.

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New Year, New Rules

Thinking back on my New Year’s Eve festivities, I remember being with a small gathering of friends, watching the countdown expecting to be overcome with infinite joy and excitement in anticipation of a new year. There I was, holding my glass, the numbers steadily rolling backwards…10-9-8-7, waiting for that big moment, 6-5-4-3, … and then, finally 2-1… when 2019 rang in. But instead of shouting the obligatory “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I froze cold –suffering a brief moment of paralyzing panic. Like shortness of breath, light flashing before my eyes, sweaty underboob kinda panic.

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MAGnificent Earlene Cox

Earlene Cox is the kind of woman that every GRRRL wants to have on her BFF roster. She’s kind, sassy, creative and the type of grown-ass woman that MAG salutes!  Earlene is a native of North Carolina, but has called New York her home for many decades. She’s raised her children in Westchester New York and has done all the Mom rituals that working women endure. She’s been through Nanny hell, shared her suburban limelight with an ambitious and successful husband and served as an international tax attorney for a Fortune 15 company for more years than she cares to count!  Corporate America was her home for way too long and the many countries she visited became an international blur.

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Yes, I Was Raised by a MAGman. Musings of a Daddy’s GRRRL

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens really were some of my favorite things in childhood as I was sold on the persona of fairytales and Cinderella by my daddy. He was a MAGman from the beginning and I was his little grrrl. He would sit in his chair and read me wonderful stories filled with hope and possibility… I believed every word. Little did I know how much reprograming it would cause later in life… but back then… he planted the seeds of value.

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Five Reasons: My Marriage Makes Me A Better Grrrl

They say behind every good man, there’s a good woman. Well, I say she’s more than a good woman – she’s a MAG. She connects the dots and makes things happen. In an ideal world, her children love her and her husband calls her blessed. Then, there’s reality – her children are clueless about what she does for them, and her husband only calls to ask what’s for dinner.

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The “Happy” Me.

I’ve created a life that I love to live. Essentially, I’m really happy. I have a health and wellness routine that works for me, and a strong spiritual life. I have great friends and a loving family, with whom I enjoy spending quality time. I volunteer for causes that are important to me, and I enjoy fulfilling hobbies. My career is rewarding; I do what I love and love what I do. Follow this up with the fact that I believe in the “glad game” – the notion of finding something to be glad about in each and every situation. Then, tie a big pretty pink bow on my life’s package, and there you have it, the reason I’m really happy.

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MAGnificent Governor, Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate for Governor in Georgia. And we fervently hope this MAG wins in November.  She is the former state house minority leader and she could become the nation’s first black female governor. And we loudly cheer — Go Stacey Go!  Her determination, resilience, and drive to lead provide her with all the attributes needed to move our nation forward. Her candidacy is making news and providing hope to all GRRRLS that support a woman’s right to make a difference. What makes Stacey a MAG?

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