MAGnificent – Laura Browder!

Let’s celebrate with our first 2019 MAG…Ms. Laura Browder.  We love Laura and all that she has to offer.  She’s fierce, confident, and always up for boozy brunch; she supports and champions all the MAGnificent GRRRLS that play on her volleyball teams.  Laura is a coach and mentor to many high school GRRRLs in Los Angeles, California.  Her infectious smile and ready high- five make her the type of GRRRL that we love to support.  Laura is every GRRRL, every MAG that is determined to live her truth; define her best way of living in the “now” and most importantly, open to life’s journey and the expected daily wins and daily pot holes.  Life will happen to all of us, but it’s Laura’s attitude that makes her a MAG on the move.

Laura Browder

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