Dr. Diandra Bremond. MAGnificent!

We’re clapping for an amazing lady this week and proud to salute our MAGnificent MAG, Diandra Bremond, affectionally known as ‘Dee.”  Dee is originally from Cleveland (Yeah, a midwestern GRRRL!) and has spent the last eight years slaying and enjoying Los Angeles.  She was recently appointed to the Cannabis Control Appeals Panel in Los Angeles and we applaud her MAG innovation and success.
IMG_5434Dr. Diandra Bremond, “Dee” (Right)
She was raised as a bi-coastal kid; her Dad lived in Los Angeles, making her no stranger to LA.  Her family has a long history in education and public policy, and Dee would rightfully follow suite!  She has a doctorate and masters from the University of California, Pepperdine, and both her father and grandmother graduated from Pepperdine. Dee began her career in non-profit leading her families efforts to help develop and mentor at risk youth through the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade. I think it’s important to note that Dee has done what’s needed to make our inner city communities more viable. She’s given back!

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Galentine’s Day

By Pamela Neferkara on Jan 23, 2019 1:37:33 PM

As any boss lady knows, sometimes the REAL meeting is the night before or the evening after—NOT in the boardroom. Often, your best deals and greatest progress happen in a setting where everyone can feel more relaxed. MAGS, don’t let an evening of small talk and wine throw you off your game. It might be a dinner, but you need to be all about your business. Here is how to show up and stand out!