MAG HEALTH: Tittty Talk

Let’s talk about titties. Do I have your attention Grrrls? Nothing like dropping the tittie bomb for a little gratuitous breast talk. According to Webster titties are the most vulgar label for breasts. Not nearly as bubbly and fun-loving as the ubiquitous Boob. Call them what you want, they belong to you. Just do me this favor, particularly this month—touch ‘em a bit will ya?  And then take them to some one else, ideally a medical professional, and have her touch ‘em some more. And maybe also screen them once or twice.  Why?  Because its October and this is the time of year when we Grrrls put our titties….um, breasts on high alert.


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I officially declare Fall as MAG season. With a September birthday I am already partial to the “ber” months—September, October, November and December. But its more than that. Fall is a time to rejuvenate and where necessary, replenish. I reject January as the signature time to reflect both on one’s abundance and opportunities. When summer heat morphs into the cool breeziness of a crisp Fall day, there is no better time to take stock of your MAGness and plan an attack. Make Fall a time to Renew, Reshape and Recharge.

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