We Got A Sista in the Palace!  MAG Up.

Yes, we have a sista in the palace!  Black Grrrl Magic is across the pond and by the looks of that lovely, elegant May wedding — looking good! We salute Meghan’s happiness; we love her poise, elegance, and all the grace that she (and her gorgeous mom) shared with the world.  Her mom, Doria Ragland, had a look, a presence, and a peace that is so common in black women that have successfully raised “grown ass children.”  We love these women! Doria with her nose ring, gorgeous dreadlocks, and glowing aura of dignity and peace.  Doria and Meghan are women of color that move beyond the limits of stereotypes and racial ignorance; they are living their truth and shining a light on the many hues of American beauty.  Now, more than ever, we so need a happy ever after ending…Now, that wedding, let’s be clear… was a salute to African American culture and spirituality. Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry had some church up in there. Praise God! And we all loved the gospel choir, that amazing young cellist and the memorable serenade “Stand By Me.”  Its was touching.  It was elegant.
And it was BLACK.

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