The Millennial Revolution

There seems to be quite a stigma on the Millennial generation. Granted, most of the generation is still in the 20s and only a few, including myself, have entered the realm of the young adult- the 30’s. For that reason, I think it’s fair to say that we haven’t even seen this generation fully come to life yet. The stigma, in my perception, has been created by an older generation that doesn’t understand our values. We don’t drool over top level CEO positions that have no work-life balance, and for the most part, money is secondarily important to saving the planet that has been left in such disarray for us. In the midst of our evolved priority lists, our disinterest in the ‘way things are’ and the ‘way things should be done’ has been summarized, incorrectly, as  a careless generation when in actuality, we are the most caring and most diverse generation yet. 


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Galentine’s Day

By Pamela Neferkara on Jan 23, 2019 1:37:33 PM

As any boss lady knows, sometimes the REAL meeting is the night before or the evening after—NOT in the boardroom. Often, your best deals and greatest progress happen in a setting where everyone can feel more relaxed. MAGS, don’t let an evening of small talk and wine throw you off your game. It might be a dinner, but you need to be all about your business. Here is how to show up and stand out!