Where My Grrrls At?

It’s impossible to know what Saint Valentine, the pious fellow for whom V-Day is named, would think of the pink glitter and chocolate-laden holiday we celebrate every February. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just weeks away, Grrrls!  But given that the sentimental Victorian-era festival from which the holiday derives was based on the flimsiest of premises, there’s little reason not to think of the day as an excuse to buy something sweet for yourself — every MAG knows this! If you’re not coupled up, the idea of celebrating can feel quite passé, capitalist, or heteronormative, even. But love, as a universal experience, can still (and should!) be shared among those closest to you: friends, family, chosen family—the ones who are there even when romantic partners come and go. MAG Up to MAGnificent, Leslie Knope for coming up with a sassy alternative to the traditional V-Day: Galentine’s Day. Observed on February 13th, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the women you love and admire, celebrate feminism, and support female-run labels.

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MAGnificent Governor, Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate for Governor in Georgia. And we fervently hope this MAG wins in November.  She is the former state house minority leader and she could become the nation’s first black female governor. And we loudly cheer — Go Stacey Go!  Her determination, resilience, and drive to lead provide her with all the attributes needed to move our nation forward. Her candidacy is making news and providing hope to all GRRRLS that support a woman’s right to make a difference. What makes Stacey a MAG?

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Musings From A MAG in Training

I am incredibly excited to continue my college life.  And living in Brooklyn is now an amazing part of my journey.  Currently, I am patiently waiting for the humidity to pass, fall clothing to be appropriate, and the butterflies in my tummy to quiet. 


In the early weeks of August, MyAttaGrrrl posted a quote stating that “Life Doesn’t Get Better, You Do.”  I greatly appreciated this quote.  As a student,  I do question my purpose at this University. I wonder what the importance of my two year relationship served?  (Ya know, first love and all…) And I ask myself what drives me?  I think about who and what makes me happy?

In my short 20 years of life, I have learned that these times of wonderment will become the defining moments that push me to become the person I have always wanted to be. In other words, through the highs and lows, I have found the greatest pieces of myself when life feels most challenging. In these times of strife, I have learned to welcome each and every new beginning wholeheartedly.

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I officially declare Fall as MAG season. With a September birthday I am already partial to the “ber” months—September, October, November and December. But its more than that. Fall is a time to rejuvenate and where necessary, replenish. I reject January as the signature time to reflect both on one’s abundance and opportunities. When summer heat morphs into the cool breeziness of a crisp Fall day, there is no better time to take stock of your MAGness and plan an attack. Make Fall a time to Renew, Reshape and Recharge.

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The Year of the Woman

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave decision to go public with her accusation that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when he was 17 has thrown a grenade into the Republicans’ confirmation hearing charade. The reaction on the right has been predictable.  Some have excoriated Dr. Ford as an opportunist – a risible assertion that only makes sense if we think that scores of women crave the “opportunity” to re-live scarring trauma while scores of people pore over every detail of our personal and professional life in an effort to discredit us. 

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GRRRL Recalibration

I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime, and I hope to see a great deal more. But, what I never thought I’d see is my parents weaken.  Of course, I expected to see them age and slow down, but just not weaken as they got older.  To even say a derivative of the word weak, in reference to my mom and dad, doesn’t sound right. I grew up an only child who enjoyed talking, dining, watching TV, playing cards and vacationing with my parents. They were curious, outgoing, and fearless during my formative years.

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