MAGnificent Earlene Cox

Earlene Cox is the kind of woman that every GRRRL wants to have on her BFF roster. She’s kind, sassy, creative and the type of grown-ass woman that MAG salutes!  Earlene is a native of North Carolina, but has called New York her home for many decades. She’s raised her children in Westchester New York and has done all the Mom rituals that working women endure. She’s been through Nanny hell, shared her suburban limelight with an ambitious and successful husband and served as an international tax attorney for a Fortune 15 company for more years than she cares to count!  Corporate America was her home for way too long and the many countries she visited became an international blur.

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MAGnificent – Laura Browder!

Let’s celebrate with our first 2019 MAG…Ms. Laura Browder.  We love Laura and all that she has to offer.  She’s fierce, confident, and always up for boozy brunch; she supports and champions all the MAGnificent GRRRLS that play on her volleyball teams.  Laura is a coach and mentor to many high school GRRRLs in Los Angeles, California.  Her infectious smile and ready high- five make her the type of GRRRL that we love to support.  Laura is every GRRRL, every MAG that is determined to live her truth; define her best way of living in the “now” and most importantly, open to life’s journey and the expected daily wins and daily pot holes.  Life will happen to all of us, but it’s Laura’s attitude that makes her a MAG on the move.

Laura Browder

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MAGnificent Governor, Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate for Governor in Georgia. And we fervently hope this MAG wins in November.  She is the former state house minority leader and she could become the nation’s first black female governor. And we loudly cheer — Go Stacey Go!  Her determination, resilience, and drive to lead provide her with all the attributes needed to move our nation forward. Her candidacy is making news and providing hope to all GRRRLS that support a woman’s right to make a difference. What makes Stacey a MAG?

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Dr. Diandra Bremond. MAGnificent!

We’re clapping for an amazing lady this week and proud to salute our MAGnificent MAG, Diandra Bremond, affectionally known as ‘Dee.”  Dee is originally from Cleveland (Yeah, a midwestern GRRRL!) and has spent the last eight years slaying and enjoying Los Angeles.  She was recently appointed to the Cannabis Control Appeals Panel in Los Angeles and we applaud her MAG innovation and success.
IMG_5434Dr. Diandra Bremond, “Dee” (Right)
She was raised as a bi-coastal kid; her Dad lived in Los Angeles, making her no stranger to LA.  Her family has a long history in education and public policy, and Dee would rightfully follow suite!  She has a doctorate and masters from the University of California, Pepperdine, and both her father and grandmother graduated from Pepperdine. Dee began her career in non-profit leading her families efforts to help develop and mentor at risk youth through the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade. I think it’s important to note that Dee has done what’s needed to make our inner city communities more viable. She’s given back!

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MAGnificent Royalty… Aretha Franklin

Like so much of the world, we were truly saddened by the death of our Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Her music, her energy, her God and her rich iconic voice will be missed. Aretha was part of American history…singing for four presidents; racking up music awards that spanned over five decades.  Her career began in the church, but ended with an extensive and global following.  She was truly our Queen.  And her feminist anthems gave unprecedented voice to all women and black women in particular. 

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MAGnificent MAG: Leana Shayefar and Arebesk USA

Leana Shayefar is a MAG extraordinaire and we are happy to feature her grit, determination and success. Leana is a Los Angeles entrepreneur and founder of Arebesk USA, a line of active wear socks popular with pilate and yoga aficionados. She’s a business leader, a devoted Mom, and a woman determined to model her MAG beliefs for her daughter and her employees. Leana is that GRRRL that made her dreams come true and now lives a life that gives her peace, growing financial success and the opportunity to build a lifestyle that feeds her creativity and commitment to motherhood. Yes, Leana has the badass moxie of MyAttaGrrrl. MAG up!


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Wendi Burkhardt — A Grrrl Born to Lead!

We salute the success and entrepreneurial drive of our latest Magnificent MAG — Wendi Burkhardt.  Wendi is the co-founder of Silvernest, an online roommate-matching platform that pairs boomers, retirees, and empty nesters with compatible housemates for long-term sharing. Wendi is the kind of GRRRL that embraces technology, innovation, and new business development.  She has built a platform and service that may help ease the aging process of 109 million Americans over age 50.  Wendi is a digital pioneer, providing affordable living alternatives that will foster communities and engage more older adults living in isolation.

Wendi Burkhardt

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