With all the complexities taking shape in the world today, isn’t it nice to know that this Spring-Summer 2018 you can keep it simple, girls. Light, clean, airy and beautiful in its purest form is just what we need. Think, Virgin Suicide white maxi! Embrace the ease and movement of fabric and the comfort and calm of minimal. Expect mysteriously, long, lacey and ruffled white. Yes, spring will be plainly pretty, ladies.

Flowers and fashion

Flowers are blossoming everywhere from tops to bottoms, and naturally to dresses — in dreamy pastel-toned confections, (pink and lavender will lead the way) some even floating with layer upon layer of silk and chiffon.  As you may have expected, Garden Parties will be on fire!  Expect Floral Prints in romantic layers, dark budding blouses with light precious petals. – And, delicious ice cream and sorbet colors will come crashing into your closets for a change. Oh, did I say, precious?  

No rocker ripped jeans here — moody blues in high voltage Dark Denim take over! Flashback to 2000! Polished denim is Back!! Tyvm!


Lastly, but most importantly is the exquisitely updated Trench Coat. This is a must have in a kaleidoscope of choices, from frayed hemlines, to metallic threading and deconstruction.

Bad-Ass embellished trench coats are the new “pimp-by-day” cover up, demanding a “call-to-attention” edge and why not, if there is one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s how to march to our own voices!  Get yo’self a fanny pack, (yes, they’re back) grab a sign and Spring To It!