10 Reasons to love your alpha mom

Lauren Brown

1. My Mom expects nothing less than excellence… Even if it takes 15xs to get it right

2. My Mom does not see tears as a symbol of weakness… However they are a symbol of how weak you will be if all you choose to do is to continue to sit there and cry

3. My Mom sees the best in me…. And then takes credit for the person I am becoming.

4. My Mom finds the good and humor in most things…. Even if I am still crying

5. My Mom has sacrificed almost everything in an effort to create a secure environment where I can thrive… She will never let me forget that minor detail of my life

6. My Mom will teach me life lessons such as how the pre pubescent years will pass and middle school is only one phase of my life… And then I have to remind her that I am only nine

7. My Mom believes that being normal is a waste of time… I can now only thank this tid bit of her ‘self-taught’ wisdom at 20- happily weird and doing fine

8. My Mom thinks that everyone is fu*****g crazy…. Some people just hide it better than most

9. My Mom has never asked me to be perfect… Just as good as what she deems average (perfect) 

10. My Mom finds the upside in all situations… Until Dad gets involved!

Written by Lauren Brown